Interface: People, Machines, Design

Tom Uglow (centre), our design team (left and right)

INTERFACE: People, Machines, Design.

It was a pleasure to be invited by MAAS to the exhibition opening.


Held at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum, the opening coincided with the launch of Sydney Design 2014 with special guest speaker Tom Uglow, Creative Director, Google’s Creative Lab.

Tom is one of the most interesting minds in design today. He gave a very humble account of his design expertise and the digital talent within Google. He and his creative digital team are aiming for a cleaner simpler future. Designing for a future beyond screens, designing interactions with experiences we haven't yet built. It was empowering to hear where he saw the future of design.

Tom officially opened INTERFACE: People, Machines and Design. He described INTERFACE as an interesting bubble in the history of product design. The exhibition moves through the beauty of design and how profoundly important the movement was and continues to be in design.

INTERFACE brings together technology and design in a fresh and compelling new narrative. It reflects on the past 100 years to understand the dynamics, context and the people who transformed information technology machines into tools for everyday culture.

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