Purina Dog Lead

Strategy + Product Design + Engineering

This modular lead for dogs forms part of a range of premium pet products — including a Pet Bed and Harness — designed by D+I for Purina. We exhaustively researched the issues affecting pet owners to develop an innovative design solution suited to almost any application.




Modular design.

Our solution features a modular design system unlike anything seen before in this market. It consists of three seperate components that can be configured to match any activity. The main leash features a T-head connector that is used to connect the carabiner collar attachment and one of the activity-based accessories (like the ring handle or jogging glove).


Premium materials

The lead components feature some innovative mechanical detailing, while also creating a new design language for Purina. Premium material like stainless steel and aluminium are enhanced with laser-etched details. The leash itself is made from climbing rope — this is one lead that will never fail.

Purina Lead