The ART-i-ficial Limb Projekt

ART-ificial Phoenix Mural

The ART-i-ficial Limb Projekt

Encouraging positive dialogue and celebration around body diversity.

D+I Melbourne have been working with local not-for-profit organisation The Art Cabriolet on an exciting project aimed at children and adolescents with artificial limbs. The ART-i-ficial Limb Projekt aims to connect children and young people with limb difference with local artists and muralists. Under the guidance of art therapists, participants will work with the artists to create unique artworks that can be printed on to their artificial limb.

This allows children with limb difference to inject personality into their artificial limb, providing a way of embracing who they are. The projects goal is to demonstrate how a prosthetic is an extension of their personality as opposed to a replacement of what is missing.

D+I have been helping The Art Cabriolet team to employ the latest hydrographic printing technology to transfer the images created by the children/adolescents to their artificial limbs. If you would like to make a donation to The Art Cabriolet, follow the DONATE link below.

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