Chiron demonstrate high-tech body armour

Chiron body armour

Chiron demonstrate high-tech body armour

D+I try out Chiron’s leading-edge technology in our Sydney studio.

Highly innovative Australian technology company Chiron Global is disrupting the sports entertainment, gaming and defence industries with their patented high-tech body armour. Known as ‘Lorica’, this armour has the potential to revolutionise how we watch, practise and compete in combat sports, particularly martial arts where weapons are used. The ‘intelligent’ armour features high levels of safety and protection and uses embedded force measurement sensors to scientifically measures the force and anatomical location of strikes.

Chiron are also adapting this technology for use in close quarters combat (CQC) training for military and law enforcement personnel. Combining Chiron’s intelligent body armour with their proprietary software and analytics will improve the safety and effectiveness of realistic CQC training by enabling the immediate collection and analysis of data from each training engagement.

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