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The Vinospresso machine is an innovative wine dispenser, revolutionising the World of Wine, One Glass at a Time. D+I has worked to create a unique experience for wine consumers all around the world.

Revolutionising the world of wine, one glass at a time. D+I has worked with Vinospresso to create a innovative wine dispenser and unique experience for wine lovers all around the world.



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One Glass At A Time

Eliminating waste associated with opening a standard 750ml bottle, for one to two people. Vinospresso capsules serving just the right amount of up to 3 regular glasses.

The Vinospresso machine allows consumers to enjoy and discover wines from all around the world, automatically adjusting the temperature and aeration of the wine to achieve the best tasting experience.

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The Vinospresso Experience 

Vinospresso capsules allow everyone to taste international wines. Because a Shiraz from South America is different to a Shiraz from New-Zealand, each capsule comes with an RFID chip on it which carries all the main information relative to the wine such as its grape variety, its origin, and how it needs to be enjoyed.



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