VBreathe Tasman


Smart Air Purifier

Experience + Digital + Product + Engineering


VBreathe Tasman is a revolutionary new smart air purifier that organically eliminates indoor mold, bacteria and heavy particles. VBreathe Tasman combines advanced HEPA filtration with a unique organic gel to remove 98% of airborne microbes from indoor environments. D+I developed several concepts for VBreathe before arriving at a final design that would look great in the home or the office.

VBreathe Tasman

Smart integration.

VBreathe can be integrated with leading smart-home platforms including Apple’s HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. D+I developed the user experience and user interface design of both a smartphone app and a web-based portal that allow users to monitor air quality wherever they are. When VBreathe detects a change in air quality, an instant notification is sent to their device.

VBreathe Tasman

Eliminate harmful particles.

In addition to HEPA filtration, VBreath Tasman holds a cannister of 100% natural VActive Gel designed to eliminate the microbes that HEPA filtration can’t remove. Created using a proprietary blend of natural ingredients and Australian essential oils, VActive Gel vapours are spread throughout the room to help reduce mold and odours.