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The proposed concept of hemaPEN® is a convenient and accurate blood collection and dispensing platform that is designed to enable the collection of accurate micro-samples. hemaPEN® employs a capillary collection method with the intent to dispense an accurate volume of blood onto specialised filter paper.

Integrated compartments protect samples at every stage of the process and, following blood collection, the device can then be sent via regular mail to the laboratory for analysis.



Enhanced user experience.

hemaPEN® features a unique hand-held pen design that is convenient and easy to use while offering a new collection experience for users — it's possible that hemaPEN® will be used by both healthcare and non-healthcare professionals.

The transparent tip allows users to visually confirm completion of sample collection. A post-collection locking feature restricts sample extraction to trained laboratory staff. hemaPEN® has the potential to redefine blood collection, storage and transport.


The hemaPEN® is under development and the prototype device is supplied for research or investigational purposes only. This device is not for therapeutic or diagnostic use. hemaPEN® is a registered trade mark owned by Trajan Scientific Australia Pty Ltd. hemaPEN® from Trajan Scientific and Medical. For more information visit www.hemapen.com

Hemapen Blood Test
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