Telstra Gateway

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Almost every home has one, but they're often hidden under a pile of books or gathering dust in a corner. The challenge from Telstra was simple: to bring the modem out in the open.

Telstra Gateway is a Wi-Fi modem you can display proudly to get better reception but also — let’s be honest — to show it off. It's an object to be displayed, rather than just a piece of hardware to be used.

Telstra Gateway Modem
Telstra Gateway Modem

A neat freak.

The D+I design team developed a number of alternative concepts to reach a solution that stands our for its beauty and simplicity of form, with a clever play on textures and patterns. The Gateway looks good from any angle.

Along the way we had to confront limitations in size, shape and cooling requirements. However, the biggest challenge was dealing with the ports and cables. We created a cavity to keep the ports under the device — this allowed the cables to be directed in a neat and elegant way.

Telstra Gateway Modem
Telstra Gateway Modem