SK-II Magnetic Wand

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D+I are proud to have been part of the collaborative team, together with OBJ Limited and Procter & Gamble (P&G), that developed SK-II’s Magnetic Wand — a new skincare technology to enhance SK-ll's Stempower Eye Care portfolio.

Using insights gained from observing the soft and youthful hands of sake brewers, SK-ll has grown to become one of P&G's most prestigious global skincare brands. SK-II Magnetic Wand has enjoyed global success following its launch in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

SK-II Magnetic Wand

Skin deep beauty.

OBJ, the innovative team behind the patented magnetic micro-delivery technique, looked to D+I to help develop the application wand. Working within the parameters of a clinical trial, our creative development team translated OBJ's technology in to an object that embodied SK-ll's brand values.

Working with stakeholders and members of the SK-ll global project team, a series of ideation workshops were set-up to explore many 'what if' scenarios. Models and 3D-printed parts were flown between locations in what was an extremely fast-paced project that involved high-level conceptual presentations across the business.

SK-II Magnetic Wand Applicator
SK-II Magnetic Wand

A world first innovation.

Using calibrated magnetic fields, micro-arrays push the active ingredients of the SK-ll Cream deeper into the skin; enhancing delivery by 300% over traditional finger application. Combining diverse skill sets and expertise across the globe, including the SK-ll team in Kobe and Singapore and the OBJ R&D team in Perth, resulted in accelerated development pathways and rewarded the team with a successful global product launch in Seoul.

SK-II Magnetic Wand