Shelfie Autonomous Shelf-Scanning Robot

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Stocking shelves is one of the most time consuming elements of running a supermarket, so any solution that can help save time is going to be welcomed by retailers. This is why Lakeba partnered with D+I to develop Shelfie, a fully autonomous shelf scanning robot that has the potential to make a huge difference to this massive industry.

Shelfie uses computer vision to understand the shelf environment and alert staff about anything that needs help. Shelfie knows what the “perfect shelf” looks like and lets store staff know, in very simple terms, what needs fixing.

By merging robotics technology with computer vision and data analytics, Shelfie provides insights which have never been available to retailers before. For the first time retailers can measure how quickly stock gaps are addressed or new merchandise planograms are rolled out, providing a metric that can be tracked and improved.

Shelfie Autonomous Robot

Saving time and money.

Shelfie makes it possible to detect what product lines have run out with a simple aisle scan. The device sends a report to the correct point of contact, detailing what needs restocking and even sharing what quantity of stock is needed.

Shelfie offers a completely integrated solution that encompasses drones for use in the warehouse and fixed cameras for larger department store environments — all linked to a sophisticated mobile app that provides detailed analytics.

Shelfie has the potential to save supermarkets around the world hours of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Shelfie Autonomous Robot
Lakeba Shelfie Air Autonomous Drone