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In the increasingly digital world we live in, efficient interface is everything. Intelligent interface, reacting dynamically based on the user’s intent, is just around the corner.

Understanding the user is key to any interface-driven industry. The eyes are a fantastic indication of the user's state of mind, emotional response, workflow procedure and their understanding of the environment. When this understanding can be measured in real-time, the connection between man and machine gets that much tighter.

FOVIO technology automatically measures precisely where someone is looking, powering applications that increase safety and productivity in task-critical or safety-critical environments. FOVIO will underpin a whole new generation of intelligent interfaces in a wide range of markets.

Seeing Machines Fovio Eye Tracker

Watching you watch the road

Seeing Machines partnered with D+I to develop FOVIO, a hardware solution for their flagship eye tracking technology. A diverse range of operating environments and potential users called for a universal design that suited cockpits, simulators, vehicles and consoles. FOVIO’s cylindrical form was inspired to generate market differentiation and flexibility of installation.

FOVIO will be used by Seeing Machines to develop, market and deliver contextual understanding of users; in industries that include automotive, aerospace, commercial transportation and consumer electronics. Tight collaboration between the Seeing Machines engineers and D+I’s product design and engineering team saw the realisation of a successful product solution that maintained design intent while iterating to match a challenging product requirement and technology package.

Seeing Machines Fovio Eye Tracker