Somark SensaLab

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Animal Identification Ecosystem

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SensaLab™ is a ground-breaking animal identification system that enables fast and accurate data collection and management in research laboratories.

Developed by D+I for Somark, the SensaLab ecosystem is built around a sophisticated control system (Ai.Control) that wirelessly connects to dedicated tattooing and RFID tagging modules (Ai.Ink and Ai.Tag). All data collected is sent to a cloud-based web application (Ai.Cloud) for management and analysis.


Intuitive user interface.

The Ai.Control module is at the heart of SensaLab. It connects wirelessly to the other modules in the system and ensures the right animal receives the correct ID at the right time. Ai.Control features an intuitive graphical user interface that eliminates identification errors, such as duplicate IDs and transcription errors.


Permanent visual identification.

The Ai.Ink module uses sensors to automatically apply a tattoo at the precise depth of each rodent’s tail, ensuring the permanent, clear and consistent visual identification of each animal.

Modular, colour-coded inserts allow Ai.Ink to be quickly adapted to mice, pups and rats. Up to five Ai.Ink modules can be linked to allow concurrent application of IDs, making this the fastet visual ID system in the world. 


Improved animal welfare.

 Ai.Ink has been developed with animal welfare at its core. Colour-coded restraints, perfectly sized for rats, mice and pups, reduce handling of the rodent during tagging — which means less stress for the animal.


The world's smallest RFID tag.

Ai.Tag uses patented, fully automated injection technology to safely implant the world’s smallest RFID Tag into the tail of the rodent. The device consists of a reusable handle and single-use cartridge, with the needle retracting into the housing after use to avoid the need for sharps disposal.

Sensors are employed to humanely guide the tag to a precise depth and position in the tail. A tagged animal's identity can then be easily and accurately read by one of the readers that form part of the SensaLab ecosystem.



Fast and accurate data input.

The SensaLab ecosystem includes two devices designed to read the RFID tags implanted in the rodent's tail. Ai.Read allows all the animals in a cage to be read simultaneously, while Ai.Swipe is designed to read an individual animal away from the cage.

Both readers interface with Ai.Connect to manage the reading and writing of data, ensuring fast and accurate data input.


Seamless integration of hardware and software.

In addition to designing and engineering the hardware components of SensaLab, D+I also designed the graphical user interface (GUI) for Ai.Control and the web-based Ai.Cloud software platform. By ensuring that the hardware and software were seamlessly integrated we were able to deliver a consistent user experience from start to finish. 


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