Shark Shield

FREEDOM+ Surf Mini

Product Design

FREEDOM+ Surf Mini is the latest version of Ocean Guardian’s electrical shark deterrent technology for surfers. Designed to allow Shark Shield Technology to be used with shorter boards, it features a shorter antenna with smaller electrodes that produce a smaller electrical field than the existing FREEDOM+ Surf. Surfers on shorter boards are less likely to feel the electrical field when using this new design, which uses a sticker-thin adhesive decal antenna on the underside of the board.


Share the ocean safely.

Developed over more than 20 years, Ocean Guardian’s patented Shark Shield Technology consists of two electrodes which create a powerful three-dimensional electrical field when submerged. Shark Shield causes sharks to experience safe, but unbearable, spasms in their sensitive electrical receptors, turning them away. Shark Shield allow surfers to enjoy the ocean safely, without causing harm to marine life.

Shark Shield