Telstra announces new Locator products


Telstra Launches New Location Products

Harnessing the potential of the Internet of Things.


Telstra is taking the next step in harnessing the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) with the launch of a range of location products for Australian consumers and small businesses.

Telstra Locator™ is a new finding service that will help customers find the things that matter to them most – from keys and bags to bikes, pets and even business assets like tools and vehicles. By attaching a Telstra Locator Tag to their valuables, customers can use the Telstra Locator App to help find their possessions if they go missing.

D+I designed a range of different tags to suit differing customer needs. These include a lightweight and long-lasting Bluetooth tag for keys and purses (pictured above) and a rechargeable Wi-Fi tag ideal for pets, bikes and bags (pictured below).

Telstra Locator™
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