ICM Auto Bag Drop goes live at Changi airport


ICM Auto Bag Drop goes live at Changi airport

Fifty of ICM Airport Technics’ innovative Auto Bag Drop units went live at the grand opening of Singapore Changi airport’s brand-new Terminal 4.


The Auto Bag Drop units are a crucial element of several fast and seamless travel initiatives at Terminal 4 including check-in, baggage drop, immigration clearance and boarding. ICM Group CEO Richard Dinkelmann was amongst the first passengers to use one of the units to check-in and drop his baggage (see the video above).

Dinkelmann commented: “We are incredibly proud to see our advanced Biometrically enabled self-service Auto Bag Drop units go live at Changi T4. The units will not only deliver notable security and efficiency benefits to the airport and airlines, but they present passengers with a simpler and faster process for checking-in their bags".

The units, developed by D+I and ICM, were specifically designed to meet the exact needs of Terminal 4. The units can be used in self-service mode, or be switched in a matter of seconds to a conventional, agent-manned check-in desk.

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