A breakfast with Bob Greenberg


Our team was thrilled to be invited by Sydney’s Object Gallery for a breakfast with Bob Greenberg—founder, chairman and CEO of R/GA, one the world’s leading full-service digital agencies.

Bob has been an extraordinary pioneer in the advertising and communications industry for nearly four decades. He has been the drive behind R/GA strategically reinventing themselves every nine years—from computer-assisted filmmaking (1977–1985) to an integrated digital studio (2005–2012). Now R/GA is contemplating its next nine-year cycle and the fifth reinvention in the company’s history to position itself as the leading agency for the connected age.

“People talk about change and adaption, but they don’t see how fast the competition is coming, from everywhere. We have to move. We have no choice”.

- Bob Greenberg - founder, chairman and CEO of R/GA

With a shared belief in merging both physical and digital together to create an integrated experience, the breakfast gave us great insight into how Bob and the team at R/GA have been merging technology, storytelling and audiences together in new and innovative ways for key client Nike and Beats.

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