mPort 3D Body Scanner

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Set to change the future of both health and fashion, the mPort 3D body scanner (known as mPod) uses an array of infrared sensors to accurately map the body in minutes. mPod empowers users to keep track of their health, or shop for the perfect fit every time.

The mPod is the world’s first full automated body mapping device. It uses revolutionary infrared technology to create a 3D avatar of the body with over 200,000 data points being mapped to capture body and health measurements. Data captured can be stored for the future and accessed via a mobile device — allowing users to track changes in their body over time.

mPort 3D Body Scanner

From startup to global success.

When mPort approached D+I they were a small start-up with a great idea that needed development. D+I were tasked with developing that idea in to a product that could be mass-manufactured at scale. We radically changed the production techniques, materials, finishes and assembly methodology allowing mPort to reach a global market while staying true to their design intent.

Our expertise helped to dramatically reduced the cost of manufacturing the mPod. D+I undertook an extensive design-for-manufacture (DFM) program that included sourcing and instructing a manufacturer in Malaysia. We also developed an enhanced, ‘flat-pack’ style of assembly that requires fewer staff to install and is less disruptive on-site.

mPort is now a global success story, with mPods installed in over 600 gyms across the United States.