MiniFab MiniChem Lab

Product Design + Engineering + Production


MiniChem Lab is a microfluidics development instrument that facilitates the design of assays for microfluidics cartridges and the instruments for reading them. Designed by D+I with Australian microfluidics leader MiniFab, the MiniChem Lab has applications in diagnostics and medical devices, environmental monitoring, food packaging and aerospace.

D+I’s product design and engineering team took the syringe and manifold platform developed by MiniFab and added a unique visual identity while also improving overall usability and engineering the device to be suitable for low volume production.

MiniFab Mini Chem Lab

Fast and accurate.

The MiniChem lab can be used by scientists to test formulations and develop optimal dosages for their intended uses. MiniChem uses a combination of very precise internal syringes and software to mix reagents and compounds in a controlled, ready-to-use cartridge.

MiniChem lab is faster, more accurate and more environmentally friendly than alternative technologies, while the use of a controlled cartridge helps reduce the risk of human error.

MiniFab Mini Chem Lab
MiniFab MiniChem lab internal syringes