Lion Beer Kettle

Experience + Product + Engineering


When D+I was approached by Lion Nathan to elevate the design of the glassware used to serve their range of craft beers, we immediately headed to the pub to conduct an in-depth round of user testing. For Lion, a successful design would need to have a recognisable form that compliments and enhances the craft-beer drinking experience.

Lion Nathan Beer Kettle

Last call.

After exploring the Jug's form over several iterations, factoring in ergonomics and glass manufacturing processes, we took inspiration from the traditional copper kettles used in the beer brewing process. Flaring the jug's neck allowed D+I to incorporate our custom-designed beer glasses using an innovative stacking set-up. This allows users to carry the jug, and several glasses, with just one hand, while being spill and drip resistant ensures users can enjoy every drop.

Beer Kettle
Beer Kettle
Beer Kettle