Isodynamics REVIVER

Product Design + Engineering + Production


REVIVER is a range of exercise machines developed for Australian startup Isodynamics. REVIVER uses gravity to benefit movement and health. D+I was engaged by Isodynamics to design and engineer two devices employing the REVIVER concept — the A.D.A.M and the E.V.E.

Both machines combine isometric exercise techniques (a form of exercise involving static contraction of a muscle without visible joint movement) with dynamic movement in one motion. The Isodynamics devices are truly innovative exercise devices, having been granted 32 worldwide patents.


A.D.A.M and E.V.E

A.D.A.M (Angular Dynamic Axial Motion) is the manual version of the REVIVER. Designed for those who like to take control of their workout, A.D.A.M is able to deliver a near effortless full body workout in as little as three minutes.

E.V.E (Electro Vestibular Exercise) is an automatic version of the REVIVER machine created for use in rehabilitation or with the elderly or infirm. E.V.E allows all age groups to receive the health benefits of a gentle, safe and comfortable workout.