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Many cities and towns depend on revenue from parking meters, but conventional single-space meter technology fails to meet the needs of both administrators and drivers. Parking device startup IPS USA saw an opportunity to improve this outdated technology. They came to D+I with a challenge to create a single-space parking meter that would give drivers a variety of payment options but, more significantly, could be retrofitted on the existing ‘lollipop’ meters that are ubiquitous in most cities.

IPS Group Single bay Parking meter
IPS Group Single bay Parking meter

A solution for every user.

Drivers wanted a familiar system of meters that would allow them to pay with credit cards. City administrators wanted a cost-effective system with common parts and robust materials that would protect their investment. D+I created a solution for all users by miniaturising complex, patented technology to fit into the existing parking meter infrastructure — delivering familiar, but improved, functionality and usability.

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Upgraded, integrated, easy.

The interface’s four capacitive buttons provide simple navigation for users during the payment process. A GPS location system allows remote monitoring, including networked maintenance. Solar-powered systems with battery back-up provide sustainable long life. Built with high strength zinc alloy castings and polycarbonate moldings, the enclosures are rugged and durable. This ingenious system enables cities and towns wanting to accept card payments to easily upgrade their entire system without having to make major changes to the current infrastructure.

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