iiNet Budii

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iiNet came to D+I to develop Budii™, their premium home technology solution. Budii™ is an NBN-ready ADSL wireless gateway, home smartphone and tablet all in the one package. With so much functionality in one system it was important to simplify how the technology was presented to the customer, to make it intuitive and to allow it to easily fit into the home environment.

IINET-Budi-Laying on table-Insitu.jpg

A central hub.

iiNet wanted Budii™ to reflect their future brand identity and challenged D+I to create that future for them. Through careful choice of materials, surface treatments and finishes, D+I developed a simple, clean and modern visual language. The crisp, white, high-gloss interface is meticulously balanced with the metallic finishes of the rear moldings, reflecting a high-end home entertainment product, standing apart from a typical communications hub.


A new way to charge.

The patented charge-rail is a completely new charging solution. The simple hook-on feature allows the phone and tablet to dock anywhere along its length. The rail also informed the styling that links the key components together.

iiNet Budii Modem Router Phone
iiNet Budii Modem Router Phone

Box within a box.

The D+I design team also developed the product packaging, creating a unique out-of-box experience for iiNet that reinforces the quality of the product and the service they provide. By using printed graphics on a clear plastic sleeve, as well as a central hinge and panels of colour, the ritual of 'unboxing' is transformed into a playful and enjoyable experience.

iiNet Budii packaging
iinet budii packaging