ICM Auto Bag Drop

ICM Auto Bag Drop

Product + Engineering


ICM’s Auto Bag Drop (ABD) enables airline passengers to check-in their baggage by themselves without having to queue at a check-in desk. The system scans the boarding pass and validates boarding details before the passenger places their bag on the weigh-scale conveyor to be weighed and measured.

A key design feature is the side-loading of bags — this is easier than front loading and provides a clear, safe area for passengers. The overall aesthetic of the design is intended to provide a non-intimidating user experience.


 Safe and secure.

The Auto Bag Drop system uses patented anti-intrusion systems to prevent the risk of trapping or injury to passengers, as well as maintaining the integrity of the weighing process. Security is maintained by a series of light curtains used to detect intrusion by persons or objects entering the conveyor system.

Each item of baggage is automatically checked using advanced 3D analysis to determine dimensions, volume, shape and conveyability. The system can also read RFID or barcode tags on bags.