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Severe constipation is a common problem for adults and children that is often treated with drugs or diet. D+I client GI Therapies saw an opportunity to use transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) technology to provide clinicians with a better  treatment option.

The result of our work for GI Therapies was the Rhythm IC®, a non-invasive TENS based medical device used to treat chronic constipation. Following a period of daily home treatment, many patients show a clinically significant improvement in bowel function and quality of life, significantly reducing their long-term dependence on laxatives or drugs.

Rhythm IC® consists of three separate elements: the garment, the stimulator and the neXus® positioning cables. It employs a patented stimulation algorithm that provides targeted muscular stimulation to promote bowel motility and treat functional constipation.

GI Therapies Rhythm IC Stimulator

A solution for every body.

Treatment begins when the doctor prescribes the starting intensity level, session length and an optional control lock. The garment is then measured and fitted correctly with the length and position of electrodes documented. Patients vary in size, so Rhythm IC® features a fitting solution to suit every body type, using breathable fabrics that stretch and conform to the shape of the body.

Research conducted by D+I informed many of the decisions made when developing the user-interface that would allow both patients and practitioners to set up the device and view reporting of key metrics. Notifications requiring user input are communicated by means of visual, audible and vibratory alerts.

Best of all, Rhythm IC® can be worn discretely under loose clothing, and does not interfere with the patients daily routine, hence avoiding any possible stigma.

GI Therapies Rhythm IC Stimulator
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