Fleet Portal

Product Design


Demand for IoT connectivity is growing rapidly in remote industries like agriculture and mining. Fleet Space Technologies aim to satisfy this demand by delivering low-cost, scalable IoT connectivity in remote locations via a network of nano satellites connected to their fully integrated satellite gateway — the Fleet Portal.


Connect instantly.

Fleet Portal's user-interface couldn't be simpler — power it on with a single button and you're instantly connected to the satellite network. Connecting to as many as 100 sensors within 15km of the Portal is managed using a mobile configuration app. The Portal is designed to be mounted to a pole (out of reach of local wildlife) and can be powered with either a DC power supply or solar panel.


Designed for harsh environments.

Our concept for the Fleet Portal is designed to withstand the most severe conditions. It's completely weatherproof and sealed against dust and water ingress. The use of a double-walled enclosure prevents overheating of sensitive electronics and allows the Portal to function in extreme temperatures.

This rugged design will enable Fleet to deploy their revolutionary technology in a variety of remote locations — realising their vision for a global, low-cost, low-power IoT network.

FLEET Space Portal