Dulux Snapshot

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Every shade of colour in the world right in your pocket. That was the vision the Palette team had for Snapshot. Working with ambitious startups like Palette is one of the perks of being agile like D+I.

Artists, designers and creators in general take inspiration from the world around them, and colours are a big part of it. We're all surrounded by them, and thanks to Snapshot we can accurately capture every tone and every shade, anywhere.

Dulux Snapshot Blue
Dulux Snapshot Orange
Dulux Snapshot Pink
Dulux Snapshot Purple

All the colours of the rainbow.

With the press of a button, Snapshot detects the colour of any surface to identify the closest matching Dulux hue. This seamless connection between inspiration and product is a strong selling point for Dulux and a massive source of differentiation for the product. When developing the prototype, an all-star team that included D+I had one fundamental goal in mind: to deliver perfect accuracy. This meant capturing every colour and matching it to the right paint, every time. The role of the D+I team in the development of Snapshot was to focus on the mechanical design and the path to production.