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Designed and developed in Australia by D+I, the Backbone combines the freedom of a unique wireless-charging platform with a series of interchangeable, ruggedised and distinctively styled casings. The clean, simple charge pad design provides a minimal desk footprint while being easy to land your phone on, promptly charging every time you replace your phone.

With the Backbone, the technology is not restricted to one standard casing design — the wireless module can be interchanged with a range of 3 case designs in 5 colours.

Dog & Bone Backbone Wireless Charging iPhone Case
Dog & Bone Backbone wireless charging iPhone Case

Apple approved quality.

Created to meet Apple MFi requirements and with a worldwide patent, the Backbone is built to exacting standards. The design allows complete user access to the functionality of the iPhone, without any reduction in sound quality or antenna reception. The custom developed induction charge circuit provides wireless charge rates as fast as direct cable charging. On-the-go connectivity is provided by an auxiliary Micro USB, providing complete mobile flexibility without the need to remove the casing.

The Backbone functionality is contained in a cleverly minimised envelope, comparable in thickness to any other standard protective phone casing. The product design and engineering teams went to great lengths to optimise each part — achieving a design that is slim and sleek while providing the exceptional protection and build quality.