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Smart Wheels

Product Design + Engineering + Production


'Smart Wheels' from Concourse Golf are the world's first self-propelled wheels capable of delivering both powered mobility and precision control to anything they are attached to. Smart Wheels have the potential to revolutionise powered mobility by delivering an affordable, sustainable, user-friendly, portable mobility solution to millions of people globally.

Concourse Smart Wheels

Re-inventing the wheel.

We leveraged the latest innovations in wireless technology, battery efficiency and advanced micro-processing to literally re-invent the wheel for Concourse Golf. Smart Wheels wirelessly communicate with each other more than 50 times a second, with each Smart Wheel housing a powerful electric motor and long-lasting lithium battery, along with advanced sensors, processors and gyroscopes.

Concourse Smart Wheels

Effortless control.

Converting a non-motorised buggy in to a 'smart buggy' is as simple as clicking the Smart Wheels into place. The result is a self-propelled wheel that is more compact, lighter and easier-to-use than anything currently available. Smart Wheels are operated by an advanced wireless remote that enables effortless control of the buggy. It even has Cruise Control to ensure consistent speed up and down hills.