CliniCloud Stethoscope & Thermometer

Product + Engineering + Production


CliniCloud is an Australian start-up technology company offering consumers a digital stethoscope and thermometer device that pairs with a smartphone app. Customers can use the devices to track and record their acoustic recordings and temperature readings, they can also transmit them to a doctor in the course of a video visit via Doctor on Demand.

CliniCloud Stethescope and CliniCloud Thermometer
Stethoscope close up
CliniCloud Stethoscope

Childproof diagnostics.


The CliniCloud Non-contact Thermometer scans temperature via the superficial temporal artery on the forehead. It has the benefit of being able to capture the temperature of a sleeping child without waking them. The stethoscope, meanwhile, uses a cord in the headphone jack rather than a Bluetooth connection to ensure high-quality lossless audio.

CliniCloud Non-contact Thermometer
CliniCloud Stethoscope

The complete experience.


CliniCloud came to D+I with a proof-of-concept for a stethoscope device, during the CliniCloud Stethoscope development we commenced a second product development for the CliniCloud Non-contact Thermometer. D+I were responsible for the entire development of both products, cables, and the packaging from concept into production. This included materials research and testing for optimum audio quality, design for manufacture, and usability.

The CliniCloud relationship is yet another example of the D+I team’s expertise working with great Australian technology start-up companies. We enjoy collaborating and working alongside our clients from the grass roots right up to full commercialisation of their project. And the results speak for themselves with CliniCloud receiving great feedback from all stakeholders.

CliniCloud Non-contact Thermometer and Stethoscope
CliniCloud Thermometer Stethoscope and Smartphone Application