Chattanoog Intelect Neo


Chattanooga Intelect Neo

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Intelect Neo is the new standard in electrotherapy rehabilitation.

Its intelligent design (the result of over 100,000 hours of intensive R&D) is effortlessly clever in its features, usability and technology. Every element of the Intelect Neo has been expertly crafted, empowering the clinician to provide patients with an unsurpassed level of rehabilitation.


Chattanoog Intelect Neo
Chattanoog Intelect Neo Wand Closeup


Intelligent interface, enhanced experience.


The Intelect Neo’s innovative, technologically advanced design features a rich, full-colour, touch screen. The integrated Clinical Protocol Setup™ (CPS) leads practitioners through an enhanced and user-friendly Graphic User Interface which guides criteria relating to diagnosis, management, and treatment plans. The end result is mutually beneficial - an exceptional patient and therapist experience.



Chattanoogo Intelect Neo 3/4 top view
Chattanoog Intelect Neo Back View
Chattanoogo Intelect Neo insitu