BlueAnt Pump HD

Strategy + Experience + Product + Engineering + Production


Combining the brand's Bluetooth expertise, market insights and a strong understanding of customer need and behaviour we set ourselves the goal of changing the game in wireless sports headphones. Changing the game, meant playing the game. Setting up training teams of targeted users, we spent hours running, cycling and simply getting active to better understand, test and improve the design.

We learnt that inspiring an active life, meant more than unleashing an energising HD sound and providing a secure fit for intense movement. We had to protect the sensitive audio components from the harsh reality of training — in particular sweat; the electronic killer.

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Taking a brand to a new level.

Working with a top tier manufacturer partner and the BlueAnt team, we pushed the boundaries of the latest manufacturing techniques (and at times creating new ones). We used military grade materials (Kevlar, Teflon and Hydrophobic materials) and defined harsh testing procedures to ensure the PUMP exceeded user expectation.

Pump HD Sportbuds not only offers every athlete an untethered audio experience but is currently the only set of wireless sport earbuds to carry the IP67 waterproof distinction meaning you can even rinse it under the tap at the end of any workout. 


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