Exoflex Hand Therapy Device

Exoflex Hand Therapy & Assessment Device

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Design + Industry worked with BES Rehab to develop the award-winning Exoflex™, an innovative technology that works to bring movement to paralysed and recovering hands. Exoflex™ is uniquely portable and non-invasive and has the potential to be used not only for therapy but also for the assessment of hand health.

Exoflex™ delivers therapeutic, controlled movements to all finger joints, recording the range of flex and joint forces for clinical assessment. Exoflex™ can manipulate and mobilize hand joints in a controlled and safe manner for exercise, rehabilitation and eventually function.

EXOFLEX Hand Therapy & Assessment Device
EXOFLEX Hand Therapy & Assessment Device

Breakthrough technologies.

The breakthrough 'Flexbridge' concept delivers force and movement around the bend of the finger joint. Together with the patented magnetic coupling; the design allows discreet control of individual joints. Only fingers requiring therapy are allocated drive units, however even when the full hand is loaded the unit is light enough to allow patients to walk around unhindered for up to two hours of therapeutic activity, resulting in improved rehabilitation outcomes.


Web-enabled control system.

The Exoflex™ control system was designed to be portable. The system uses web-enabled technologies to enable local and remote therapy design and control of the force, speed, and range of motion for each finger joint. This system allows therapists to develop, share and assess the effectiveness of new therapies in ways that have not been possible before.