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Mobile devices and their app ecosystems have enabled many companies to leverage and expand their products into a system and service environment. One of Australia’s leading manufacturer of domestic and industrial air-conditioning systems, Actron Air approached D+I with a simple question; how can we make people's lives more comfortable?


Touch and feel the elements.

How you interact with the controllers vibrant and rich 720p touchscreen display is at the heart of the experience. We set out to move the interaction from just simply controlling the air-conditioner to a richer environment, where you can almost see and feel the elements.

The result is a gorgeous user interface that displays full-screen images of the modes; heat, cool, fan and auto, in a way that is not just beautiful but also intuitive and natural. Swiping and touching controls feels seamless and natural as you adjust the temperature, view other zones or scroll through your usage history. It's everything you ever wanted in an air-conditioning controller at your fingertips.

actron air que UI Cold
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actron air que UI Hot
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Make the connection.

We explored the app user experience in great detail. Our aim was to not just determine what functional controls were required but to understand what emotions could be associated with those controls.

Throughout the app there is a direct correlation between the use of colour and the actual temperature of the home. That simple yet powerful visual connection made the user almost “feel” what the temperature was without actually reading it from the palm of their hand.

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