4K Outdoor Oven

Product + Engineering


The 4K Charcoal/Electric Outdoor Oven is the future of outdoor cooking, and the latest addition to the award-winning Everdure by Heston Blumenthal range. Featuring the same easy charcoal-ignition system developed for the existing Heston range, the 4K takes control and convenience to the next level with digital touch-screen controls, a precise airflow-control system and six integrated temperature probes with Bluetooth smartphone connectivity.



4000 years in the making.

Inspired by the 4,000-year-old tradition of Kamado-style cooking, D+I developed the 4K outdoor oven by combining the intelligence and convenience of contemporary technology with the unique benefits of this ancient cooking technique. The 4K's die-cast aluminium construction delivers the superior heat retention that is the hallmark of Kamado-style cooking while keeping the exterior of the BBQ cool.

4K Charcoal Electric Outdoor Oven

Effortless control.

Using the 4K’s airflow control system to turn the heat up or slow it down is entirely intuitive, with top and bottom vents precisely numbered to deliver balanced and responsive flow of air. Charcoal can be easily added during the cook through the side reloading hatch, avoiding the need to open the hood throughout the cook and disrupt internal temperatures.


Monitor cooking in real-time.

An integrated temperature probe system, consisting of two probes in the hood and four internal probes, makes it possible to keep track of the progress of the cook while keeping the hood closed, relaying temperature data to the controller display or directly to a smartphone.