RFID Badge + UHF Antenna

Product Design

4id asked D+I to design an ‘out of the box’ and ‘ready to go’ RFID solution for tradeshows and events that would allow customers to access the functionality of RFID technology without the overhead cost and setup complexity of existing solutions. The solution would enable optimised user experiences at trade shows and festivals, including cashless payments, automated VIP experiences, ticketless entry credentials and more.




Customisable and collectible. 

The RFID badges were designed to be an easy-to-customise solution that can be worn as a lapel badge. For tradeshows there are both magnetic and traditional pin-and-catch versions. For live events and music festivals the customisable badge becomes a collectible keepsake — similar to old-school tin badges with customised graphics and a high gloss finish.


 All-in-one RFID solution.

RIOT is an all-in-one RFID solution that enables first-time RFID users to easily deploy enhanced data tracking and user experiences at tradeshows and events. The system is designed to pack into a road-case to allow quick deployment. D+I designed a variety of mounting accessories to ensure easy installation in any venue.