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The insertion of a plastic tube into the vein of a patient, known as cannulation, is a very common way of delivering intravenous drugs or fluids. Unfortunately, up to 40% of cannula's fail due to impact, pulling on the tubing, inflammation and infection. These failures can be very distressing for patients and are very costly for hospitals.

To address these problems, ResQdevices worked with D+I to develop LineSaver, a medical device intended to protect intravenous and intra-arterial devices from physical impact and tension on the fluid line, while allowing the insertion point to be still clearly visible.


Comfort and protection.

ResQdevices and D+I spent thousands of hours, undertook scores of consultations with clinicians and created more than a dozen prototypes to create LineSaver. The result is a deceptively simple device that protects against impact and cannula loss while providing visibility and improved patient comfort.

LineSaver features a hinged body that allows it to fit most cannula sites on the hand and forearm, while soft, air-filled PVC skirts rest against the patient’s skin for added comfort. 

ResQdevices LineSaver

Benefiting patients and hospitals.

LineSaver has the potential to deliver a better patient experience by decreasing pain, fear and inconvenience while freeing-up doctors and nurses for more valuable work. The saving to hospitals is estimated to be more than $25 per patient, which equates to over $400,000 a year in a 250 bed facility.

ResQdevices LineSaver