D+I in this years Designers Den


D+I in this years Designers Den

The Vivid festival is an annual event of light, music and ideas that hosts many of the world’s most creative leaders.


This year D+I was approached by Object Gallery, Australia’s leading centre for contemporary design, to participate in a panel discussion themed ‘Designers Den’. Designers Den involved a number of young Australian designers presenting before a panel of industry experts. D+I founder, Murray Hunter, provided his insight to contestants who presented ideas ranging from traditional product development to digital promotion and sustainable practice.

D+I was thrilled to be among the panel of experts from all corners of the design industry. Alongside Murray Hunter was Terri Winter, Managing Director of Top3 by Design, Adam Goodrum, well recognised Australian furniture designer, Damian Borchok, CEO of Interbrand Australia and Amanda Talbot, author, editor and creative consultant.

The focus of Designers Den was to connect young designers with industry leaders who can help commercialise their design ideas. D+I are pleased to announce we are looking to work further with two outstanding contestants.

D+I loved being a part of Vivid Sydney, it is an intriguing mix of excited young designers, established industry leaders, creative thinkers and forward thinking businesses.
— Murray Hunter, Founder, Design + Industry
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